Sound book «Masha and the Bear» in Russian and English

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Sound book «Masha and the Bear» in Russian and English

Masha and the Bear

A fantasy sound book (audio performance) with writings, drawings and vocabulary voiced in Russian and English. All English words are voiced by the native speakers. A beautiful literature translation of the fairy tale will be interesting not only to children, but also to adults who study English.

  • You can listen to new words both in English and Russian in a fully voiced dictionary
  • The characters of the illustrations are voiced in two languages
  • Sound questions will help you to find and remember required English words
  • You can listen to all words, texts and questions in Russian and English with help of the “Talking Pen ZNATOK”™
  • English language fairy tales lovers are advised to take a look at our Russian and English sound books: “Turnip”, “Crumpet”, “Tree-stump house”.

ISBN: 9785424400544
Ages:  5+
Pages: 32 pages
Product dimensions: 190x260mm
Book cover: Hardcover

The audio file for this product is available ONLY for the 2nd generation Talking Pen: