Sound book «An English course for young children». Part I

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Sound book «An English course for young children». Part I

In this book all letters, words, sentences, questions and answers are voiced by the British residents.
Using the Talking pen, readers of this book will be able to hear and repeat an English alphabet, numbers, words, topics of conversation, sentence structure, questions and answers, sound tasks and explanations.
When working with the Activity book for written assignments you may find all the necessary words in relevant lessons from the sound book and in the English-Russian dictionary once again and hear how they sound.

English language interactive learning programme

  • English letters are voiced by the British residents
  • Correct pronunciation and instant repetition of words, phrases and sentences;
  • All illustrations are voiced in Russian and English;
  • Learning through play
  • Assignments and questions with the possibility of searching and confirming the correct answer
  • Possibility of repetition and summing up the material
  • Self-study of spoken English;
  • In each of the four books “English for Young Children” – 25 lessons
  • Listen and repeat: alphabet, numbers, words, sentences, dialogues and stories of characters with different ages
  • In addition , the English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary  an activity book №1 for written assignments is included to the book.

ISBN: 9785424400346
Ages:  5 +
Pages in the book: 32 pages
Product dimensions: 190x260mm
Book cover:Hardcover

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